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For nearly four thousand years the ancient Egyptian scroll has lain buried and, with it, the secret of Pharaoh Mamose's final resting place. After years spent deciphering the contents of the scroll, archaeologist Duraid al Simma and his wife Royan are tantalizingly close to finding the lost tomb of Pharaoh Mamose. But then Duraid is murdered and Royan turns to Duraid's old friend Nicholas Quenton-Harper for help.

The pair set out on an exciting journey to Ethiopia in search of the burial place because for Royan, it promises the fulfillment of a dream - to restore to Egypt part of its ancient heritage. Shadowing their every move are Duraid's unscrupulous killers, men who will stop at nothing to find the tomb and its priceless treasure. But for all of them, there will be a price to pay for disturbing the dead...



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First published in 1995 by Macmillan.

UK first edition recommended retail price: 15.99
Book dedication: Once more this book is for my wife Danielle. Despite all the happy loving years we have spent together I feel that we are only just beginning. There is so much more to come.

The jacket illustration for the UK hardcover edition was done by Syd Brak.

The falcon icon on the left begins each chapter using the first letter of the first word as its 'companion'.

The seeds of THE SEVENTH SCROLL and its predecessor,  RIVER GOD, were on Wilbur's mind as early as 1990, when he mentioned in an interview that he was returning to Africa to take a cruise down the Nile because he had a few ideas about trying to do another Sunbird sometime in the future.

Africa and its history have nearly always featured in Wilbur Smith's writing and they are right at the heart of THE SEVENTH SCROLL, in which he weaves a twentieth-century adventure around an ancient Egyptian mystery. The novel is set, for the most part, in Ethiopia, which Wilbur first visited when he was in his teens. Shortly after the Second World War, his father, who was an enthusiastic traveller, used to fly to that country from the family home in Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia), and the young Wilbur, imbued with the spirit of adventure, would go with him. The author has since made numerous journeys to Ethiopia, Egypt and most of the Nile. That part of Africa is very much a part of my life's experience,  he says.

Another of Wilbur's lifelong interests has been archaeology, and in particular studying the fascinating history of the Pharaohs. As a result, while writing THE SEVENTH SCROLL and RIVER GOD, he was able to draw on knowledge accumulated from years of specialist reading rather than having to do specific research. After that, he laughs, the ideas came from the imaginations of Wilbur Smith.

Wilbur SmithThe photo of Wilbur Smith on the dust jacket was taken by Julian Brak. To view the photograph, click on the left thumbnail.
In 1999, rumours of straight-to-video production of THE SEVENTH SCROLL surfaced on the internet with Jeff Fahey (as Nicholas Quentin-Harper) and Roy Scheider (who starred in the dreadful TV mini-series adaptation of WILD JUSTICE six years previously). As of yet, there are (thankfully) no further details regarding this film.

Reader Reviews

From Andre' Mes -
I started reading THE SEVENTH SCROLL the day it was released. The vivid imagery of RIVER GOD was still in my head as I had just finished the epic novel. At first, I was disappointed with the modern setting of the story and using the mystery of Taita the slave's legend as a base, I almost felted cheated. How was Smith supposed to continue in the same vein as his Egyptian classic? Nevertheless, I plodded on and began to identify the usual Smith trademarks which made his earlier novels so enjoyable: the rough, tough adventurer; the beautiful and highly intelligent, but emotionally suffering heroine; the evil, dastardly arrogant and wealthy villain; the exotic locations, blood-drenched violence, titillating sex and twisted storyline. Before I knew it, I found myself riveted to this fabulous modern-day adventure and finished the book in  few days flat! It made me want to read RIVER GOD again! I sometimes imagine Wilbur Smith to have certain vanities of his Egyptian slave hero as he masterminds his readers to enjoy every part of the story and makes them want to come back for more. I certainly hope that there will be more in this wonderful series.
A desert sandstorm couldn't get the pages turning faster than Smith. - Independent On Sunday
Full-blooded, muscle-on-bone-crunching treasure hunt... it is non-stop action. - Daily Express
Cunningly plotted, excitingly written. - Daily Mail
A rousing good sequel to RIVER GOD that takes the immensely entertaining form of a high-tech treasure hunt... A master storyteller at the top of his considerable form. - Kirkus Reviews



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